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Advantech UTC Series for Player Tracking and Data Collection



With new technologies increasing operational efficiency and improving the customer experience across diverse industries, many gaming and casino business operators are keen to adopt advanced technologies and reap similar benefits. For these businesses, the ability to track players and collect data is crucial for delivering targeted marketing and maximizing revenue. Thus, player tracking systems are widely employed in the gaming industry. However, in recent years, bulky and unattractive desktop computers have become increasingly difficult to integrate and use for managing operations, with the instability of these systems often generating additional problems for table dealers and floor management staff. Advantech’s UTC-500 series all-in-one touch computers provide the ideal alternative; that is, stable industrial panel computers with a stylish appearance for easy integration.


Easy Integration and Enhanced Usability with Reliable and Stylish 10/15” Panel PCs

With their fanless and low-power operation, the UTC-500 series can withstand long-duration use. Additionally, their com-pact and slim design makes them ideal for limited-space installations, such as at poker and roulette gaming tables. The 10/15” widescreen touch panel features a user-friendly interface for staff to easily operate the system and view player information.

Smart Table Management with MSR, Barcode, RFID, and Smart Card Readers The UTC-500 all-in-one touch computers can also be integrated with a wide range of card readers, such as MSR and RFID, as well as barcode scanners for the ability to conduct all payment transactions, coupon redemptions, and player/dealer registration operations directly at the gaming table.

Key Features

  • Fast and simple login/out of players with diverse member-ship card types
  • Easy coupon redemption/credit transactions with barcode and RFID readers
  • Monitor player data in real-time directly at the gaming table
  • View and compile player performance results across multiple tables


Increased customer loyalty with targeted marketing and efficient CRM

  •  Ability to recognize and individually welcome VIP players upon check-in, and offer reward points
  • Ability to create incentive promotions for new players based on play times and spending
  • Ability to collect player information and build a database for efficient CRM

Improved business operations with real-time player tracking and table monitoring
  • Ability to assign staff to various gaming floors according to the players on site
  • Ability to evaluate the performance of each table and accurately predict the total floor revenue
  • Ability to monitor unusual credit transactions or coupon redemptions involving specific players or tables