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Embedded PCs

Advantech Embedded PCs (EPC) are a full range enclosures systems designed for Mini-ITX motherboards and 3.5" single board computers, featuring optimized mechanical design and flexible I/O interface options, assuring maximized flexibility for design in efficiency.

Product Categories

  • EPC-S Series

    EPC-S Series are slim and fanless system designed for embedded single board computers.

  • EPC-C Series

    EPC-C Series are compact embedded computers with standard chassis and compact solution, which the Series are designed for high-end 3.5” MIO-Compact or 3.5” single board computers with edge AI.

  • EPC-T Series

    EPC-T Series are 1U THIN embedded PCs designed for low profile Mini-ITX motherboards.

  • EPC-B Series

    EPC-B Series are scalable embedded PC with PCIe card and intel processor for Mini-ITX motherboards.

  • EPC-R Series

    EPC-R Series are Arm-base embedded PC designed for 3.5” motherboards

  • EPC-U Series

    EPC-U series are palm-size fanless embedded PCs designed for AIMB-U series single board.

  • EPC-P Series

    Embedded PC designed for machine vision with rich expansion options

    • EPC-P3000 Series

      i-Door, PCIe, and PCI expansion available with CTOS supports to accelerate customer's configuration in multiple applications.
  • UTX Gateway Systems

    Advantech UTX IoT gateway system, an industrial-grade system in a 4.6"(L) x 5.6"(W) x 1.4"(H) box, provides Mini ITX bundled with the Intel® IoT Gateway Solutions for Internet of Things (IoT). UTX is also easy to implement for industrial computer and embedded computer, which are ideal for smart city, smart engergy, information system and industrial automation.

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